Do I Need a Trademark Attorney?

Trademark laws exist to help businesses protect their identity by distinguishing the source of goods and services of one party from those of others. 

While it is not required to hire a Trademark Attorney to facilitate the process of registering your trademark, trying to do it on your own may become more of a headache than originally anticipated.  If a trademark application is submitted with errors, it can potentially be denied and you run the risk of losing your filing fee, having to start again, and pay additional fees.

Trademark registration involves very specific procedures and strict deadlines that can often be confusing so having a Trademark Attorney can prove vital to your business needs. 

Time is money and a Trademark Attorney can save you both by:

  • Identifying issues that could potentially arise from your trademark registration
  • Evaluating the strength of your trademark
  • Advising you on how you should use your mark in order to give it maximum protection
  • Preparing and submitting your trademark registration application that meets all requirements
  • Handling any issues that may arise once your application has been filed
  • Communicating on your behalf with the examining attorney assigned to your application
  • Helping you enforce your trademark in future potential disputes


Contact your local bar association to find an attorney with expertise in trademark law.  You may also be able to access their online directories or use their lawyer referral services.  If these are unavailable, you can always run a web search for trademark attorneys in your area.

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