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Starting and managing a business involves reaching several milestones that are often made easier with a business attorney, if not require you to have one. Founded by Jon and Katrina Greiner, a San Antonio husband and wife team, Greiner & Associates PLLC came to be out of a natural passion for helping small businesses succeed.

Meet the Greiners

Jon Greiner

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Jon is a proud Texan with deep family roots. In fact, they go so deep that when his family first settled here Texas was still part of Mexico. His family established the farm where Jon would eventually grow up and work outside of school and during summers. During these long hot summers spent working on the family farm, Jon learned the value of honest hard work (and grew an appreciation for working in an office with A/C).

Jon is an alumnus of Texas A&M (gig ‘em!). While at A&M, Jon worked for the largest student-run EMS organization in the nation as an EMT. There, Jon developed a passion for helping people that would later fuel his ambition to practice business law. It was also at Texas A&M where Jon met his future partner and wife, Katrina.

After graduating from Texas A&M with his B.A. in International Studies with an emphasis in International Politics and Diplomacy (with a minor in Spanish) in 2010, Jon decided to enroll at St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio, TX. Jon has been living in San Antonio since graduation and enjoys calling “the biggest little town in Texas” his forever home.

Jon now represents over $100 million in commercial entities for his business law clients and continues to grow his practice. Despite the firm’s growth, Jon remains grounded in his belief that a great lawyer should be: Reliable. Honest. Loyal. and Discrete.

When Jon is not in work, he’s enjoying the outdoors with his (growing) family. Together he and his wife enjoy kayaking, canyoning, hiking, and fishing.

Meet the Greiners

Katrina Greiner

Katrina Greiner professionally dressed looking warm and welcoming

Katrina’s roots began in Indiana, Pennsylvania, but Corpus Christi, Texas is where she lived for most of her childhood and teenage years. She enjoyed an eventful childhood where her natural attraction to hard work resulted in two fishing world records and the opportunity to train with a world class Olympic ski team.

Katrina decided to attend Texas A&M (Gig ‘em!) where she received her B.A. in International Studies with a focus in International Commerce in 2010. It was here at A&M where Katrina met her future husband and partner Jon Greiner. During her tenure at A&M, Katrina studied abroad at the Institut Catholique de Paris in 2009.

Katrina’s next journey began here in San Antonio when she enrolled in St. Mary’s School of Law. It was here where she found her passion for buisness law and earned her Juris Doctorate in 2014. After earning her law degree, Katrina worked for herself before partnering up with her husband, Jon and starting Greiner & Associates PLLC.

Katrina has since fallen in love with San Antonio and was even a Duchess in the 2008 Fiesta Royal Court! When Katrina’s not working, she’s enjoying motherhood with her son and daughter or spending time outdoors with her growing family.

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